More $100 Big Y Test Coupons

I have three additional Big Y coupons available, below, that can be utilized in addition to the Father’s Day sale price.  This drops the Family Tree DNA Big Y test to $495, $200 less than the regular price.

First come, first serve.  Each code can only be used once and only one code per order.  They expire on 6-17-2014, same day the sale ends.  So use ’em or lose ’em.

  • FDS141506
  • FDS141507
  • FDS141508

Click here to order.

Happy Father’s Day!

4 thoughts on “More $100 Big Y Test Coupons

  1. Tried to utilize one of the coupons but they must have been gone. Had company and couldn’t get in any sooner.

  2. I don’t know much about Y chromosome testing and have not done one (outside of the yDNA results included with 23andme’s service). A company called “DNA Consultants” is advertising this one for $99 and while they don’t mention Family Tree DNA outright, they make a reference to FTDNA’a price of $169. Do you think that it is good or what? I know DNA Consultants’ autosomal tests, which use CODIS markers and are overpriced, are not worthwhile, but what do you think of this $99 Y-DNA test?

    I’ll try to ask around to see who else may know of this thing. I asked Blaine Bettinger of thegeneticgenealogist earlier but he hasn’t gotten back with me yet. Obviously, someone would rather spend $99 than $169, but could you look at this and see if this really is a better deal than FTDNA’s $169 Y-DNA?

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