Big Y and Family Finder Sale, Plus $100 Coupon for Big Y

Family Tree DNA almost always has a Father’s Day sale, and they have just announced this year’s sale.  It’s a good one, especially if combined with a separate special $100 coupon for the Big Y test.

father day sale 2014

Right now, the Father’s Day Sale provides the Family Finder (autosomal) test for $79.  This test is available for everyone to take and provides you with cousin matches from all of your genealogical lines, plus ethnicity estimates.  This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for this test, or this type of test, at any vendor.

Even more remarkable, is that you’ll be able to purchase the Big Y, not for the $595 listed above, but if you use the special coupon code listed below, you’ll be able to save another $100 and purchase the Big Y for an amazing $495.  The Big Y is an advanced Y DNA test for those clients who have already purchased STR marker testing.

Furthermore, by the time you receive those Bit Y results, the new SNP matching will be in place so you’ll be able to easily see who you match.  Now is the time to begin testing those various family groups to see if there are family-line defining SNPs within groups who match closely on STR markers.

All I can say is WooHoo – brick walls are gonna fall……

Oh, the coupon code – you want the special $100 off coupon code – pardon my excitement – here it is…..FDS140997

Click here to order.

Thank you Family Tree DNA and by the way, Happy Father’s Day!!!

PS – The code above is the code I received because I had previously purchased a Big Y test.  First come, first served.  It can only be utilized once.  If mine has been used, you might contact your project admin to see if there are extra ones within your projects.  Conversely, anyone who has any extra code feel free to post it in the comments.

25 thoughts on “Big Y and Family Finder Sale, Plus $100 Coupon for Big Y

  1. Roberta, will that code work for anyone and is that for the extra $100 off? I asked because I contacted some of my members who had already done the Big Y asking about who had gotten codes and no one had. Thx!

  2. Wow! You work fast. Dad just got his email code, so assume everyone who already has a Big Y also just got a code via email. Thx!

  3. Roberta – please advise as whether or not I should consider having my Dad do the Big Y. I am losing hope they will ever figure out the problem with his Haplogroup situation, and my confidence in them is quite low. Sorry, but that’s how I feel. Thank you for your help in the past. Diane

  4. I am a Group Admin and my brother tested for Big Y.
    I have not received any email about the sales or voucher code from FTDNA.
    Most strange

  5. I’m assuming that the sale will work for females in our family too as long as its ordered before Fathers Day. Right?

  6. I have sent in a sample for the mtDNA test and am awaiting the results of this test. Earlier, I took the autosomal DNA test through I would like to move my autosomal results to FTDNA too. Can you tell me the best way to do that so both of my tests will be matched with others who have taken these tests and what the cost of doing this would be? Thank you,

    Daphne G Wright

  7. Hi Roberta

    What will this BIGY test give me in addition to what NatGeno2 already has given me?

    I thought natgeno2 gave me all my positive SNP’s ……………which I transferred to ftDna.


    • Nat Geo tested for specific known SNPs. Big Y scans the entire Y chromosome looking for both known and unknown SNPs. Most people have more than 50 previously unknown SNPs discovered.

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  9. Hello Roberta J. Estes,

    I attempted to use the coupon code FDS140997 and was informed that this coupon code can only be used once and I could not use it. So I purchased the Big Y at the price of $595. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to receive the additional discount which you mentioned in your article. You might wish to inform your readers of this fact to avoid others being disappointed and/or inform Family Tree DNA that you were mislead. Thank you for your many articles. You work is appreciated.

    Rayman P. Richardson

    • The code was my code and it was a one time usage code. That note is on the bottom of the blog article. I am sorry – it went right away and so far no one has contributed any others that I know of.

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