Family Tree DNA Listens, and Acts

During and after the 9th Conference hosted by Family Tree DNA in Houston, TX November 8-10, several administrators collectively submitted a list of “wants and needs” that the genetic genealogy community felt could improve their experience and Family Tree DNA’s product.  A small team worked diligently together afterward to refine the plans and help prioritize.  Today, the fruits are already ripening on the tree.  Thank you Family Tree DNA!!!

During the conference, Bennett Greenspan said he was committing “whatever resources it takes,” followed by a groan (his), and the statement “I can’t believe I just said that.”  Of course, all of us heard it…and Family Tree DNA is indeed coming through, very quickly.  Two weeks ago there were some changes and additions, and again, today, more.

I’m personally very glad to see the common matches ”crossover” link on the main screen now as well as the much requested,”download all matches,” item 6 below.

ftdna 12-4

Here’s a note from Bennett Greenspan about today’s six new features.

Today we are releasing some great updates that were requested during our 9th International Conference on Genetic Genealogy.  Here is a quick summary with some screen shots of what to expect.

1. The timeout for myFTDNA has been increased from 30 min to 2 hrs.  This will benefit everyone but will especially be appreciated by our Group Admins when they are impersonating into a kit.

2. Changed the word “Triangulation” to “Common Matches” for Family Finder matching.

ftdna 12-4 2

3. Instead of using the word “Steps” on the matching pages we will now use “Genetic Distance.”  This will effect both the Y-DNA and mtDNA matching pages.

ftdna 12-4 3

4. Fixed the Interactive Tour.  It was getting stuck at the Family Finder section but will now complete.

ftdna 12-4 4

5. Updated the Profile Pop up on matching pages with a new design and restored the “About Me” section and badges.  This profile is available on all matching pages:  Y-DNA, mtDNA, Family Finder, and Advanced Matching.

ftdna 12-4 5

6. Added the ability for a user to download chromosome browser data for all of their matches.  This new option is towards the top right side of the chromosome browser page and will be in Excel format.

ftdna 12-4 6

7 thoughts on “Family Tree DNA Listens, and Acts

  1. Roberta, Thank you for your clear explanations. Ahh, but the Visuals! As a right-brain, intuitive
    person, thank you for for showing me. Barbara

  2. This is great news.

    I would like to see the FTDNA database grow exponentially – too many have no idea of its existence even keen amateur genealogists at AncestryDNA it would seem!

    It remains too niche – spread the news far & wide!

    I believe if only the database were larger I’d have our own family history mysteries sewn up in no time.

  3. Are they making any progress with improving the population finder?  I’m still showing Orcadian and nothing but Orcadian in Europe and I still have the mysterious Middle Eastern designation as well.

      sent from my Etch A Sketch

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