Haplogroup Q and C Fundraising Report

Thank you all 3

I just can’t say a big enough thank you to everyone who contributed in so many ways to the haplogroups Q and C fundraising effort to purchase several Big Y tests.

This fundraising was really kind of a last minute desperation effort.  As administrators, Rebekah Canada and Marie Rundquist had e-mailed and encouraged appropriate participants in the C and Q projects to order the Big Y test.  Many were able to do so, but some very critical kits still needed to be tested.

On Thanksgiving, we discussed what to do, and on the 29th, very late, after 2 days of company, with a massive headache and never ending refrains of the cartoon “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” reverberating through my head, I wrote and posted the blog about our fundraising effort.  I’m amazed it was coherent.  Yes, I have young grandchildren!

We were hoping against hope to fund 2 tests in each of those haplogroup projects, for a total of 4.  Some participants had coupons available, some didn’t.  Truthfully, almost $2000 is a huge amount of money to try to raise in 2 days, especially right after Black Friday when everyone is busy with both family and then shopping, and I wasn’t terribly hopeful that we would be able to raise the entire amount.  But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

You folks have proven me wrong…in spades.

Between the two projects, we raised a total of $3335 in less than 2 days and we have funded 7.5 tests, 3 in haplogroup C and 5 in haplogroup Q.  Yes, as the admins, we “tipped it over the edge” of course to fund the rest of the partially funded test.

Thanks goes to lots of people.  Of course, in addition to the efforts of my tireless co-admins and their lists and blogs, Judy Russell, The Legal Genealogist, wrote a fine article for us as her weekly DNA offering.  I must say, I think Judy’s article and the folks who reposted, reTweeted and blogged is what gave us that final push to fund the final 2, if not 3, tests.  Thank you Judy and the rest of the blogging/tweeting community.  You guys are absolutely awesome!

I noticed that Elizabeth Shown Mills posted on Facebook about our project as well.  Family Tree DNA featured our Q and C projects over the weekend on Facebook too.  Thank you FTDNA and Elizabeth for your votes of confidence.

Not only that, but Janine Cloud,  the Customer Support Supervisor at Family Tree DNA availed herself not only to us, but to the other admins too who were trying to place orders this holiday weekend.  Thank you Janine for going way above and beyond.

Bennett Greenspan gets a special thank you for being so very supportive of genetic genealogists as a whole, and for making a generous contribution himself.  He was also available over the holiday weekend for questions.  Bennett is just like that.

But the real stars of this show are those of you who contributed funds to get this done as well as those who purchased their own tests.  We had 4 contributed coupons by people who did not order the Big Y but who had previously taken the WTY test.  Thank you to all of those folks.  Between both projects, we received a total of $3335 in contributions by 45 different people, with several donating to both projects, plus $200 worth of coupons.  With that we were able to purchase 8 additional tests.  This brings the total number of Big Y tests ordered in the haplogroup Q project to….drum roll please…..27….  and the total haplogroup C project Big Y orders to 5.  I know this doesn’t compare to the large haplogroup R projects, but for our smaller projects, this is a huge number and the results hold so much promise for these more obscure and unique haplogroups that include Asian, European and Native people.

You folks really rallied to the cause and supported our efforts tremendously.  Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.  You can’t even begin to imagine what this level of support from within our community means to us.

We will be reporting back with results as soon as we have something to report.  It’s going to be a great February, with very little sleep!!!

Roberta Estes, Rebekah Canada and Marie Rundquist

11 thoughts on “Haplogroup Q and C Fundraising Report

  1. Thank you so much for the help and for the results of my Family Finder Test.  There are so many new Cousins to make contact with.  Your info that was sent  to me by Clint gave me the incentive to go ahead with Family Finder !!!   I see the origin of the family was originally North Africa and the British Isles.  I have many links in the British Isles and other areas of Europe as well as those who  have contacted me over the years from the USA and CANADA as well.  I wish you and your great staff the best of the Christmas Season for 2013.  Sincerely Yours,  Paul Morris Hilton, Harvey Station, New Brunswick, Canada.

  2. Hi Roberta, I have a question about the Big Y test. Is a male allowed to take the test if he hasn’t done any other DNA testing before?

    • Technically, I don’t know why not, but it is not currently offered as an entry level tool. I would think the person would want to do at least the STR testing, meaning the 12, 25,37 markers, etc., as well because other wise you don’t receive the matching information like we normally think of for Y DNA testing.

      • Roberta,it’s designed for expert users and it’s not designed for matching like other Y-tests. I think they should offer as an entry-level as long as the purchaser understands what they are getting.


        1. What is the BIG Y product? faq id: 2205

        The BIG Y product is a direct paternal lineage test. We have designed it to explore deep ancestral links on our common paternal tree. It tests both thousands of known branch markers and millions of places where there may be new branch markers. We intend it for expert users with an interest in advancing science.

        It may also be of great interest to genealogy researchers of a specific lineage. It is not however a test for matching you to one or more men with the same surname in the way of our Y-DNA37 and other tests.

        Someone could contact FTDNA and see if they will sell it to it a first timer. It would be interesting to see the difference in results between a person who has never tested and someone who has tested.

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  4. Hats off to those who contributed and to you Roberta for bringing it to everyone’s attention. Those who could not afford to contribute, even those of us who have no Native American Ancestry, will still benefit from the extra knowledge. So thanks to all for helping expand the knowledge base.

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