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What follows is a very important e-mail from Bennett Greenspan, President of Family Tree DNA.  I fully support Bennett’s endeavors.

From Bennett:

It’s rare that I send ‘blast emails’, but if there was ever a time in my life that called for a broad based blast, now is that time. I want to share with you an important campaign that I have started, to raise awareness to an alarming situation.

About 10 weeks ago the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decided that “isolated human genes cannot be patented.” 

That same day our DNA testing company launched a breast cancer test that was far more affordable than previous offered tests. Our precedent-setting reduction in price meant that millions of Americans who previously could not get the test–because their insurance company wouldn’t pay, or because they lacked insurance–now had access to a high quality test for breast cancer risk.

Myriad Genetics sued us and others for offering this test and although we are not looking for a fight, we are now forced to defend ourselves and feel morally obligated to bring the world a more affordable test. As a child of the 60s, I can tell you that if there ever was a fight worth fighting, this is it.

I urge you to visit our site: and familiarize yourself with the situation as it has unfolded and I urge you to share this information with others. Our actions are based on two key points: genetic testing should be affordable and available to everyone; and test providers should share data to enable better tests for consumers.

To help us promote the effort we ask that you LIKE our page and update your FB profile picture to reflect our cause. Details are on the website.

I am humbled by the volunteers who have stepped forward to help us with this case so far, including the ACLU, AARP, and the Breast Cancer Action. Now it’s your turn. Please do so as soon as you have the opportunity to get online. Thank you very much for your support.

Best Regards,

Bennett Greenspan
Family Tree DNA
“History Unearthed Daily”

4 thoughts on “Message from Bennett Greenspan – Free My Genes

  1. While very much in sympathy with your cause, (I think it is a fundamental right of all persons to know and to have access to affordable testing), as a Canadian, I don’t think my opinion counts in the U.S. It is an issue that crosses borders and challenges legal systems to not only keep up with a rapidly changing technology but also, to adequately enforce legislation that may or may not have application globally. A ‘gnarly’ problem and you have my moral support. Your well justified “blast” will raise awareness and help move things to a more equitable place. All the best, Bonnie Magee-Smith

    Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2013 08:17:53 +0000 To:

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  3. Hi Dr. greenspan ..

    i am arabic and i am from saudi arabia .. and i whant ask you .. the haplogroub of abraham (PBUH) is J1 , right ?

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