Gone Fishin

Gone Fishin 3

What was I thinking when I said that I wanted to really focus on DNA and be able to make a significant contribution?  What was I thinking several years ago when I said that I really believed the genetic genealogy field needed consultants and sent out all of those positive intentions?  What the devil was I thinking?

I think this falls in the “be careful what you ask for” category.  Because, not that I’m complaining….but the next 2 months or so are, well, insane.

I will be in a total of 7 countries and 3 states, on 2 continents unless you count the British Isles and islands separately, and then it’s 6 land masses, will attend 2 conferences, give several presentations and participate in 2 photo shoots for an upcoming documentary.   This touches about 10 different DNA projects and ongoing scientific research.  Oh yes, and did I mention, I still have to work too?  I think I’ve lost my mind….

Part of this time, I’ll be, as Spencer Wells is so fond of saying, “off the grid.”  For some reason, I really like the sound of that, sounds very mysterious and adventurous, Land Roverish…right up until I want to talk on my phone, check my e-mail, approve a blog comment or see what’s happening on Facebook, which is generally about every 30 minutes or so.  We’re an electronically addicted society aren’t we.

There will be times over the next few weeks that I won’t have internet access, or that it’s extremely expensive (more than a dollar a minute,) and so, in that case, I won’t be blogging, approving comments or replying to e-mail for that matter.  So, please don’t take it personally – it’s not you.  And I’ll eventually catch up when I get back.  Hmmm, maybe being “off the grid” is less about a Land Rover and more about $$$.

When I get back….I wonder if my husband will still know me.  But worse yet….the cats.  You see, the cats are already mad and as people-owned-by-cats will vouch for…there is just nothing worse than an angry cat…unless it’s a very smart angry cat.

Phoenix packed

My cats are already pre-angry because the suitcase is in evidence.  They’ve packed their toys and themselves and they are ready to go.  As you can see, Phoenix thinks she’s going fishing too.  It’s downright ugly when they discover they’re not invited.

I shudder to think about what will be waiting for me upon my return…

I have prepared some articles in advance and we’ll see if I can manage to post them from something other than a PC when I do have internet access.  The smaller gizmos, of which I’ll have 3 different flavors with me, just don’t behave the same.  So, if you don’t see any blogs for awhile, just think of it as me out fishing for good material for future articles.  I promise, when I get back and get settled, there will be an exciting harvest of blog material and next year, a wonderful new documentary too.

That’s my fish story anyway, and I’m sticking to it.

18 thoughts on “Gone Fishin

  1. …And where would we all be if you had decided not to take on the DNA experience and keep us informed? We’d still be fishin’…in our papers and electronic files and records and repositories, trying to break through those brick walls where there isn’t any information to be found…DNA is the real hope at this point for us lost fisherpeople…thank you so much, Roberta, for that momentous and generous decision you made a long time ago…we appreciate YOU…may you have a safe journey.

    • Thank you so much Ellen. I believe with all of my being that I was sent to this place and time to do exactly what I’m doing. This has been a glorious opportunity and I can’t imagine my life otherwise.

  2. As I always tell my friends, “think of the money; you’ll feel better!”

    J. T. Smith

  3. You will be missed. Have fun and have a safe trip. Cannot wait to read your blogs on any new advancement on DNA that might have be learned.

  4. Roberta. Have fun and be safe. Thanks for all you have contributed. You and I emailed years ago. I had once lived where you lived at that time. Bob.

  5. Have a wonderful time, and we look forward to hearing all about your adventure !!! Your blogs have personally helped me and my family tremendously or I would still be “floundering” …….. Be certain to bring back those “babies” something special and maybe they will forgive you !! 🙂
    G_ds Speed !!!

  6. How absolutely exciting, Roberta. Like all the others posting here, I can’t wait to read what comes of this sojourn. You know, though, that the BEST place to go off the grid is out here with us. So, when you’ve caught your breath, c’mon out! In the meantime, have a ball!

  7. Have a wonderful trip(s), Roberta! We will try to keep the ship afloat while you are gone, but be sure and check in periodically to make sure we haven’t gone off-course without you! Enjoy it all and try to relax. 🙂

  8. Roberta, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and though I haven’t posted here before, I wanted you to know you will be greatly missed!

    Thank you for all the great information you share. Set those posts you’ve written to publish automatically while you’re away. Enjoy your trip and when possible, get as much rest as you!
    Again, thanks!

  9. Roberta, if you’re going to Europe you’ll find its miore ‘wired’ than you think. Back in 2008 when I visited the UK I was able to get online just about everywhere! All hotels and some B&Bs have free internet. Then there’s always the Internet Cafe, lol. Have a great trip, take lots of pictures and I look forward to your Blog when you get back. Nancy Freyt

  10. Roberta, I see in other comments all the things I’m sure we all echo: “We appreciate YOU”, “Have a safe trip”, “Enjoy yourself.” I’ll just add you’ll be in our prayers. Our lives are often made better by people like you who give so selflessly. I hope we all remember to give thanks and pray for your happiness and safe return.

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