UpFront with NGS Series on DNA Basics – Testing for Genealogy 101

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I was very pleased when the National Genealogical Society asked me to write an article for them, and when the article turned into a series.  One thing long missing in genetic genealogy has been a “basics” article focused on the person who hasn’t heard of DNA testing.  This is for the person you’d like to convince to test and need to explain why, and how.  You know, Uncle Tom at Thanksgiving.  Start buttering him up now.

This type of article needed to be long enough to explain DNA testing, how it works and the differences between the various tests for genealogists, and not so long as to cure insomnia.

Today, part 1 of “DNA Testing for Genealogy 101 – What Can It Do For You?” was published on their blog, Up Front with NGS.  They have a great blog by the way, so if you don’t subscribe, now would be a good time because you’ll get parts 2, 3 and 4 of the series sent to you automatically.

I hope you’ll join us today for part 1 of “DNA Testing for Genealogy 101 – What Can It Do For You?” and for the next 3 days for parts 2 through 4.  And watch out Uncle Tom:)

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  1. Reference to DNA testing for geneaology 101,part 2– I wondered why I did not receive it as I was looking forward to it!

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