Mitochondrial DNA Tests for $49 – Wow!!!

Family Tree DNA has done it again – and this time – for all mothers everywhere and just in time for Mother’s Day.

They have dropped the price of their Mitochondrial DNA test to $49 which matches the price entry point for their Yline testing as well.  Furthermore, it’s not just the HVR1 level, but now the entry level test at Family Tree DNA will be the HVR1+HVR2 inclusive for $49.  That’s amazing.  The full sequence mitochondrial test has also been dropped to $199.

No excuses anymore for not getting those mtDNA tests done.  If you’re not quite sure how this works, your mitochondrial DNA is inherited from your mother, whether you are male or female, but only females pass it on.  So your mitochondrial DNA is a direct record of your mother, her mother, her mother, on up the tree until you run out of known maternal mothers.  Not only will you receive matches, but you will also receive a haplogroup designation from which you can tell a great deal.  Here’s an article I wrote about working with mitochondrial DNA results.

On May 2nd, Max Blankfeld and Bennett Greenspan, owners and founders of Family Tree DNA sent an announcement to all project administrators about recent happenings at the lab and the new pricing on the mtDNA tests.

Dear Group Administrators,

With the end of the DNA Day promotion, we (Bennett and Max), considered how to continue offering the best prices, yet keep control in the lab to avoid delays from high volume. Since demand is directly related to prices, we decided to implement a temporary price rollback whenever lab capacity allows us to do so.

Despite an extremely successful sale, we believe that with our increased lab capacity, we are able to continue offering reduced prices on several tests. While the prices are not as low as they were for the DNA Day promotion, you will notice that these temporary reductions are extremely attractive, and should be a real incentive to anyone that did not take advantage of the sale to order now, while the prices are reduced. With this system in place, prices may go up on different tests at any time based on lab volume.

Additionally, on April 1st when we permanently reduced the price of the Y-DNA12 to $49, we mentioned that our R&D team was working towards a price reduction for the equivalent mtDNA basic test. Good news! Not only did we manage to achieve this goal, but we did it for the mtDNAPlus test that covers both HVR1 and HVR2. Therefore, we’re discontinuing the HVR1-only test. Our basic mtDNA test will now be the mtDNAPlus (HVR1+2) at the $49 price point!

We hope that with the basic Y-DNA and mtDNA tests very reasonably priced, a whole new group of people will be tempted to begin their own DNA experience and increase the size of your projects!

You are welcome to spread the news, and as always, we thank you for your continued support.

Max Blankfeld

Bennett Greenspan

Family Tree DNA

26 thoughts on “Mitochondrial DNA Tests for $49 – Wow!!!

    • Go to and order a kit for the mitochondrial DNA test for yourself, assuming you have not previously taken any test there. If you have already taken the autosomal test there, then you just sign on to your account and click on the orange “upgrade” link on the right hand side of your personal page.

    • On their main page, click on the full sequence for $199, then click on “order a test” then you will see the $49 option plus the full sequence option. They didn’t make it easy did they!

  1. How does this compare to the maternal line information included with the standard 23andMe test? I had both my parents test at 23andMe. I know from those tests that my Dad is H2a1 and my Mom is H1. So far that information has not led to any matches. Will I get much more detailed information from the $49 test at ftdna? Thanks!

    • The 23andMe tests only provide you with haplogroups. Haplogroups reach back thousands and 10s of thousands of years. For genealogical matches you need your individual mutations which are not tested for at 23andMe. That is what the Family Tree DNA test does. Then you receive a list of your matches to your personal mutations. You can see this in this article:

      • Thanks Roberta — great information in that article. Now I’m really torn. I have a paper trail back to my 6th-g-grandmother through my maternal line so it might be worthwhile. But then I’d really want to do the more expensive version which is a bit much for a mother’s day gift for myself!

        • Well, you don’t want my opinion on this – cause I’d just tell you that you’re worth it – and it’s not just for you. It also applies to everyone else who descends from the females in your line, including your children if you have any. So see how easy that was to justify:)

  2. I had my MtDNA entry level and family finder done will they at my request provide the 2nd level (since it was done last October) or do I have to pay 49$ more?

    Theory : If I have my son do do a MT 49 dollar test he will have the same results as my test only more complete as he would get the Hv 2 automatically? Or would some of his paternal grandmothers dna show up?

    • Hi Shelley,

      I looked yesterday, and if you have already had the entry level done, there is no upgrade to the HVR2 level. There is an upgrade to the full sequence test. That is what you would want to do. If you have yoru son tested, yes, your mtdna is his as well, but you would be better off at this point to put that $49 towards the full sequence upgrade for you which will be the same for both of you. To see how much the full sequence upgrade is, to to your personal page and click on “order upgrade” and see what the upgrade price is in the order box.

  3. Your Facebook page shows that the special expires on April 30. I want to tell others of this, but what info should I pass along??

    George Ross

  4. Hi there I had a quick question, I see here that FTDNA will provide me with extensive detail about my roots, should I buy 23andMe as well if I have the funds to do so? Or will I just not need 23andMe at all if I get FTDNA? thank you…

      • With this test Mitochondrial DNA test…can you find out which Native American tribe I’m from? My DNA  showed 58 % NA.

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      • Thank you! I am about to buy it now… but I am not seeing it for $49… am I doing something wrong? I followed all your instructions from the other comments… Is the sale over?

        Thank you kindly!

          • Hello again,

            I really love how you respond to everyone’s messages so quickly. What a sacrafice of your time and efforts! Thank you so much… I am still on edge waiting to buy my test and I have another question…. I see the summer sale is

            Mtdna plus $89
            Mtdna Full sequence $149

            It did not see like a big difference between the two tests as far as the information that I would recieve… there is a $60 difference… Which text do you suggest? Can I get the mtdna plus for $89 and still get a deep finding on who i am? I already know i am ashkenazi jew. I actually have the blood disease that researchers say came directly from the Ashkenazi jews. So I already know that… what more will I learn? Will I find out everything I need to know about if any of my ancestors are still living? Because that is what I would like to do I would actually like to meet up with any of my family members that are still living… will this $89 test connect me with people?

            Thank you for your time, and your kindness


          • You receive as much of a haplogroup as they can tell you with the plus. You receive matches on about 2000 out of your 15,000+ location of mtDNA. If you’re looking for matches in a genealogical timeframe, the only way you can ferret those from the rest is the full sequence test. Who you discover is a function of who else has tested, so there’s no way to know that without testing. Yes, the $89 test will connect you with people, but often with hundreds, especially for Jewish people. The only way to narrow that down is the full sequence.

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