DNA Survives Bomb Blasts


In a surprising development, Discovery News reports that DNA can survive bomb blasts, and may indeed provide much needed links to who assembled that bomb.

Bomb 2

Dr. David Foran is performing ground breaking, and ground shaking, research into the remnants of such bombs, proving that the DNA obtained, as minute as it is, is readily identifiable to the person who handled the bomb, of course, assumed to be the builder and perpetrator.

Bomb 3


Work on forensic genetics is being done at the Forensic Biology Department at Michigan State University.

Some of their cases, including that of the Boston Strangler, can be seen here.

You can take a look at their DNA labs and equipment here.

I never imagined with the heat and force of a bomb blast that DNA evidence would be able to be recovered.  I’m glad to know that genetics may well play a role in bringing these types of criminals to justice.

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