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ftdna sale 4-2013

Beginning today and ending Monday night, April 22nd, at midnight, Family Tree DNA will be having an extensive DNA Day Sale.  Of note, both mitochondrial Full Sequence and Family Finder upgrades will be included, which seldom happens.  Family Tree DNA is taking this opportunity as well to announce technology upgrades in their sequenceing equipment.

If you have been considering either, this is a great sale and a good time to order these tests.  Family Tree DNA’s announcement to project administrators today is provided below.

We are pleased to announce our 2013 DNA DAY Promotion.While the special pricing features all the major tests, we’re   placing particular emphasis on the Full Mitochondrial Sequence and Family   Finder. We’ll offer Y-DNA upgrades during a Father’s Day sale and will give   you those details at that time.By carefully choosing the sale options and limiting the length   of the sale, we will be better able to focus our resources on processing the   tests efficiently and avoiding delays in delivering results.

We are proud to announce we have successfully moved our mtDNA   Full Sequencing line from Sanger DNA sequencing to what is called Next   Generation Sequencing (NGS). This gives us much greater capacity to process   tests, to reduce costs without sacrificing quality, and to ensure shorter   turnaround times.

We must run the entire sequence every time we process an mtDNA   full sequence test, even for upgrades. However, in recognition of your prior   investment- and National DNA Day – we’re offering our lowest price ever for   the FMS and upgrades.

Rather than the 8-10 weeks first generation sequencing   required, we expect results to be completed within 5-6 weeks. This does   depend on the number of orders received though. If their DNA is already at   our lab, those who order first may expect even shorter turnaround times.

For a limited time we will be selling the FMS for $189 and   whether you’ve tested HVR1 or HVR1+2, you’ll be able to upgrade to the Full   Sequence for just $129!

In addition, we are also lowering the Family Finder to $169 for   this sale!

Here is the list of all tests under the promotion:

Full MtDNA Sequence…. $189
Upgrades to FMS….$129
Y-DNA37 (new and add-on)…. $119
Y-DNA67 (new and add-on)…. $199
Y-DNA37 + Full MtDNA Sequence…. $308
Y-DNA12 + FF…. $218
Y-DNA37 + FF…. $288
Y-DNA67 + FF…. $368
Family Finder…. $169
Family Finder + Full MtDNA Sequence…. $358
SuperDNA….$388 (Y-67 + FMS)
Comprehensive DNA…. $557 (Y-67 + FMS + FF)

The sale will begin tonight, April 18th, at 6PM CDT and will   conclude at 11:59PM CDT on Monday April 22nd. All orders must be placed and   paid for by the end of the sale to receive the promotional price.

There will be no need for a coupon – all prices will be   automatically adjusted on the website.

Bennett Greenspan
Family Tree DNA

4 thoughts on “DNA Day Sale at Family Tree DNA

  1. Roberta,
    I have done the Geno 2.0 and the 23 and me test. Will I get any appreciable benefit out of doing another test at Family Tree DNA? I have already done the MtDNA HRV 1 and 2. I am beginning to feel overtested.

    Linda G

    • It depends on what your goals are for testing. If you have lots of HVR2 matches, then the full sequence would think those greatly. Also, it will provide you with your full haplogroup if you are interested in deep ancestry. Regarding the Family Finder test, yuo can transfer your 23andMe results for $89. Then Family Tree DNA treats them like their own test results and you get your ethnicty map and your cousin matches. Again, depending on your goals whether this is what you want. In general, for autosomal testing, fishing in all the pools is the most beneficial approach, but if all you wanted from testing was the healthy info, then no, don’t test at Family Tree DNA for autosomal.

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