Faces of our Ancestors


Discovery has done wonderful things for science for years.  Currently they are hosting the reconstructed faces of our ancestors.  Well, maybe all of these aren’t our ancestors, but likely, some are.  Which ones do you think you’re related to?


Scientists from the Senckenberg Research Institute used sophisticated methods to form 27 model heads based on tiny bone fragments, teeth and skulls collected from across the globe. The heads are on display for the first time together at the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, Germany.

Eleven are shown on the Discovery site, laughing, smiling, frowning.  They’ve done an amazing job with often little to work with.

You can watch the video here or visit the museum.  This video makes these ancient people look so real.  We may be looking into the face of our very deep ancestry.

Be sure to visit the Discovery site and view the video, both.  The Discovery site includes more information about each skull, but the animation at the Museum site brings them to life.

Hat tip to Don for sending me the Discovery link.

4 thoughts on “Faces of our Ancestors

  1. I don’t have Discovery channel and miss it very much. These faces make it clear to me how we evolved from apes, but I can’t say I relate to any of them, lol.

  2. I don’t see a video of the faces on the linked page for video–rather a video of a pretty neat ankylosaurus on display there. 🙁

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