2 thoughts on “Geno kick story

  1. I want to do this but I am not an evolutionist by any means so a lot of this is — well what can I say –I did not evolve from an ape. However, I am very interested in genealogy–have been for a long time. Am wondering if it would reveal more for my husband and children which all have Native American heritage.

    • Maris: the Genographic project needs your help. It is sorely lacking in users of Native American heritages. I know it is difficult to accept scientific consensus when it flies in the face of your beliefs, but think of all the things that science has brought into your life– the internet, television, cars, antibiotics, international vacations, central heating, toothpaste… the list goes on. I’d ask you to have a little faith in science– even if you don’t buy into the results, you must be curious to know what the secular world would make of your family’s heritage!

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