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Sometimes last minute opportunities are the best!  Thanks to the APG, the Association of Professional Genealogists (, these two webinars are free for everyone.  But act quickly – because the first one is today (Tuesday), November 27th at 9 this evening.  Think of it as a spontaneous date.  Yes, I know more notice would have been nice, but our original session was canceled by the storm and until today, I didn’t realize it was free to nonmembers as well.  So you’re all invited!!!

Session 1: 

DNA Explained: An Intro to DNA for Genealogists
Tuesday, 27 November 2012 — 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
Presented by Roberta Estes

Join us to learn how DNA can be used for genealogical research. You’ll learn about how DNA testing works for both males and females, including an introduction to Y-DNA, mtDNA, and autosomal DNA. We’ll make science understandable, and by the end of this lecture, you’ll be putting together your own genealogical DNA test plan. Have a pedigree chart handy for quick reference.

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Session 2:

Yikes, My DNA Results are Back! Now What???
Thursday, 29 November 2012 — 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
Presented by Roberta Estes

Have results but aren’t sure what to do with them? This webinar will walk you through how to interpret your results and get the most out them. This presentation covers both Y-line and mitochondrial DNA. Autosomal DNA results will also be discussed in a future webinar.

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28 thoughts on “Free DNA Intro Webinars

  1. Hi Roberta, Is this webinar close captioned? I am deaf and everyone in my community will be excluded from this wonderful presentation. I am very very interested in understanding my DNA more but…..????????

  2. My confirmation of registration for this event says it is taking place at 10:30 pm EST this evening. Perhaps those who might have found the 9:00 pm a time conflict would like to know this.

    • I have let the coordinator know that there is a problem. It is really at 9 PM and ends at 10:30. It does NOT start at 10:30. I don’t want anyone tuning in at 10:30 and being disappointed. Thanks for letting me know.

      • Sorry about that Roberta. My mistake. It does say from 9:00 pm-10:30 pm and I read it wrong. Hope this hasn’t upset anybody’s plans.

  3. HI Roberta,
    I cannot complete my registration as your form does not appear to have provision for States other than within America – I’m in Victoria, Australia. How may I register please?

  4. I signed up for the second webinar (Thursday, 11/29) but the page disappeared before I had a chance to print my confirmation. Should I re-register?

    • Hi Shelley,

      You should also receive an email confirmation with a link, but if you do not please check your spam folder. If you still don’t find your registration email then you can re-register. The same page will come up with the links and tell you that you have already registered and you can print. It does redirect after a short time (since the confirmations are also emailed) so print quick! Or just print from the email instead if you prefer. Look forward to seeing you there on Thursday!

  5. By far, the best DNA presentation I’ve ever heard! Professional, knowledgeable, easy to understand and Roberta could not be stiumped by any question. She had all the answers.

  6. Missed this presentation [sigh] – will a recording be made available? Here in the UK the time slot is not possible for me.

  7. Roberta, thank you so much for making my “dip” into the gene pool a little easier swim last evening.
    So much to understand.! You have demystified many of the topics for me [certainly much to remember/hope I can-;-)] and I look forward to Thursdays presentation. Thank you again.

  8. Great Presentation Tuesday! We learned so much and you made it easier to understand. Good, interesting case studies to show how DNA can help Genealogists. Question though, you mentioned a document or file that was sent with our confirmation e-mail? I registered about 20 minutes before the webinar but did not receive the confirmation e-mail. Is this documentation file available elsewhere?

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