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Sometimes DNA is just for fun.  23andMe has a “sandbox” feature called Ancestry Labs.  Sometimes the things there are a great deal of fun.

Yesterday, I received a message to go and listen to my DNA Melody.  My DNA Melody?  What’s that?  I didn’t know I had one. 

23andMe has created a unique DNA melody by using our individual DNA sequences.

23andMe took different aspects of my DNA sequence and used them to determine different properties of my DNA Melody.

What fun.  Want to hear what my DNA Melody sounds like?  Click on the link below.  You can even select the instrument.  I personally like the marimba.  I wonder if that’s genetic….


16 thoughts on “DNA Melody

    • Yes. Your mitochondrial line ethnicity is determined by your haplogroup and has nothing to do with your matches. Your genome-wide ethnicity is found using the autosomal tests like Family Finder and 23andMe.

  1. Some others and I are getting a check-back-in-24-hours message repeatedly on this feature at 23andMe. Your tune here is silent, but does not have the 24-hour message. What is the problem? Thanks.

  2. The 23andMe “DNA Melody” is still giving the message: “Music Not Available This melody should be ready in the next 24 hours. Please check back soon!” That’s the same message that has been appearing for a week or more on mine. I could not hear your melody or Judy G. Russell’s today either. However, I am able to hear Mark Ackerley’s on the 23andMe “Spittoon.” What’s different about how his is set up?

    Thanks for checking.

    • Gosh, I have no idea. There is no setup we can do, except select the instrument. And it’s working for me. Sometimes when things don’t work for me with Internet Explorer, I use Chrome or Safari. Maybe that would help.

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